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Provide an enhanced shopping experience

Malls can be confusing and overwhelming, especially for first-time visitors or those with disabilities. Our AR technology helps to simplify the mall experience by providing indoor navigation and enhancing the shopping experience.

Malls face unique challenges.

Industry Challenges

Confusing mall layouts

Our AR technology provides fast and efficient indoor navigation, making it easy for visitors to find their way around.


Our AR technology allows users with disabilities or parents with baby carriages to navigate paths that are accessible and fitting to their needs,  to ensure that everyone can enjoy their mall experience.

Unengaging and static advertisements

Bringing life to advertisements with 3D animated objects that are integrated into the navigation route.

Benefits and solutions

SPACES Offers Next Generation Commerce' Solutions

Increased Engagement

AR/VR technology can help keep visitors interested and engaged with advertisements leading them directly to the storefront.

Indoor navigation

Malls can be hard to figure out, especially for people visiting for the first time. But with Indoor navigation, visitors are shown exactly where to go.

Improved Accessibility

with AR all accessible areas for visitors are reachable including those with disabilities and families with baby carriages


With the benefits of AR/VR technology in Commerce , it's clear that the future is now. Contact us to learn more about how Spaces can help you sell better.

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