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A Better Way to provide Services and Manage Complex Infustructures

Municipalities face many challenges in managing complex infrastructures, providing efficient services and meeting the needs of their residents. With the rise of smart cities, digitization is becoming more and more important in providing solutions to these challenges.

The Municipalities industry is vast, and SPACES provides solutions for various areas such as GIS departments, indoor navigation, and facility management.

Municipalities Face Unique Challenges

Industry Challenges

E57 Revit File Management for GIS departments

With SPACES, GIS departments can access and manage E57 Revit files quickly and easily, improving their workflow and providing more accurate data.

Indoor Navigation

SPACES provides a comprehensive indoor navigation solution, making it easy for visitors to navigate municipal buildings and facilities.

Facility Management

With SPACES, municipalities can streamline their facility management processes, ensuring that their facilities are well-maintained and run smoothly.

Benefits and solutions

SPACES Offers Futuristic Solutions

Multi Language Support

AR/VR technology can support multi-language capabilities, making it more accessible and inclusive

DaTa Management

Improved workflow and data management for GIS departments using latest technology

Enhanced accessibility

AR and VR help improve accessibility for all by providing an accessible, intuitive, and inclusive experience


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